About the Pixelattos

Learn more about these legendary creatures!

Most people think that the first Pixelatto dated early 2019 or so, since they're mostly know for Reventure, but the fact is that there's fossil evidence of living specimens back at 2014.

Contract work is not as popular as making own videogames, but for these organisms it somehow enabled their survival and adaptation to the environment.

Most races of game developer die out of starvation in the first years, these pixele-y creatures managed to evolve and learn through the mystic arts of extremely-low-budgets and extremely-hard-work to become the creatures we know and love today.

Most individuals are 6 pixels high and extremely skillful at making videogames, but the type of skill varies widely.

The Pixelattopedia is a compilation of all currently known subjects.


Known individuals

Javi Cepa


"Just one more pixel to the right..."
#Multitasker #FinalBoss #LateOwl

Javi has worked his ass since the beggining of Pixelatto to build a handsome independent game studio out of sweat, big pixels and passion.

Special Moves:

+🅰:  Send to Notion
+🅱:  Unfinish Project

Juan Delgado


"You're doing it wrong"
#HackerMan #PragmaticSama #Ju

Juan knows every programming language ever made and has root access to your computer. He won’t do anything evil as long as you keep buying our stuff.

Special Moves:

+🅰:  Reset Password
+🅱:  Upgrade Code

Fali Ronda


"I'm already on it!"
#AsapMan #WildCard #NotionGuru

Fali is always ready to tackle the chaos that permanently lives in our little studio. Accounting, programming, marketing… If it ends with “-ing”, Fali can do it.

Special Moves:

+🅰:  Vanish Papers
+🅱:  Snooze Emails

Palma Sánchez


#PaintSensei #Otaku #Colorful

Palma is a walking repository of board games, videogames and anime references. She can also paint colours outside of the visible spectrum.

Special Moves:

+🅰:  Outlining Jutsu
+🅱:  Unreal Shading


Outstanding events


June 2014

Pixelatto is founded as a one person LLC.

July 2014

Our first app, AutoTileGen, is published on Steam.


March 2015

Contract work for MyBrana: an augmented reality app.


January 2016

Contract work for RMImperivm: a mobile city management game with the Real Madrid brand.

March 2016

The team grows up to 3 people.


April 2017

Our second app, Card Creator, is published on Steam.

September 2017

Contract work for Kitmaker Entertainment: Mixee Labs, a mobile F2P game.


April 2018

Contract work for IE Business School: an innovative learning environment featuring realtime online VR and software for the WowRoom.


June 2019

Our first game, Reventure is launched on Steam.


January 2020

Pixelatto abandons contract work to focus 100% on its own products.

March 2020

The team grows up to 6 people.

June 2020

Reventure receives multiple awards and is ported to mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch.


Late 2020

Secret project #1 scheduled release date.


Early 2021

Secret project #2 Kickstarter campaign.

Mid 2021

Secret project #2 scheduled release date.

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