New Update (2.12.4)

Published: Apr 23, 2020 by

Hi CardCreators !\ \ This new update features a new project format, more open and future-proof for all the upgrades that will come to the app. You can read more about this update below after the changelog.

New Features

  • New project save format based on JSON files.
  • Per project icon gallery folders support.
  • Automatic backups each 5 minutes if there are unsaved changes.
  • The export config and zoom value in card collection screen will be saved per project.
  • All images referenced outside of the project folder will be copied on project save.
  • App log will be saved to the project temp folder on app close.


  • Exports will use the new output folder, not need to set manually the path/name each time.
  • Export folder will open automatically in the file explorer when the export is finished.
  • The image file browser will open on the correct contextual folder for each type of image.
  • Project icon gallery categories will appear on top in the icon selector widget.
  • Each blueprint and each cardset is now a separate data file in JSON.
  • Add toast message and debug log when a font isn’t found in the system.
  • Updated all sample projects and default blueprint to the new format.
  • Simplified start menu screen.
  • Remove fullscreen mode by default on app first launch.
  • Log files older than 3 days will be deleted automatically.
  • [Internal] Changed some error log messages to debug messages (missing assets).
  • [Internal] Remove stacktraces for debug log messages to reduce log file sizes.


  • Fix TabletTop Simulator skewed image export.
  • Fix fonts being reset to the default value when they can’t load for some reason.
  • Fix error when opening the export screen when there are no cards in the project.

The new project format

\ The main target with the new format is to bring all the data that compose a project into a single project folder so you have everything in one place.\ \ Here is a diagram showing a summary of the new project folder structure:\ \ \ \ IMPORTANT: Please take note that the new project format CAN’T be opened in previous versions of the program.

When converting a legacy project:

  • A backup of the original .cc file will be created in the /backups/ folder.
  • The new project format folder will be created (if doesn’t exist) replacing the legacy .cc file.
  • All the older legacy backups will be copied into the /backups/ folder.
  • All images referenced will be COPIED to the /assets/images/ folder.
  • All the embeded images will be extracted and stored in the /assets/images_inline/ folder.

Here there are some highlights of the new format:

  • All the project data is stored as JSON files in the /data/ folder.
  • Each blueprint and each cardset is now a separate file.
  • All the backups of the project are in the /backups/ folder.
  • The project supports it’s own image gallery using folders inside the /assets/icon_gallery/ folder.
  • The new backup files are simple ZIP files containing all the JSON data files in /data/ folder.
  • All the timestamps for the backups, output or log files are in UTC.
  • When exporting a new set of files will be created in a new folder inside the /output/ folder.
  • The /output/, /backups/ and /temp/ folders can be safely deleted, the app will recreate them when needed.

For advanced users:

  • You should be able to copy easily blueprint JSON files between projects.
  • You can also copy cardset JSON files between projects, but make sure that the used blueprint GUID exists in the target project or it won’t work.
  • The new JSON format is more readable and programmer-friendly and thus it should be easier to manipulate either by hand or by a custom tool.
  • The new format is also very friendly with version-control systems like Git (in fact, some files like .gitignore and .gitattributes are autogenerated for you, you can safely modify or delete them if you want).

\ \ \ That’s all, we are working hard to bring more features in the following updates like the highly anticipated CSV/Excel support.\ \ \ If you have feedback or want to report an issue, please join to our Discord server:\ \ This update is released in the master branch. If you want to use an older app version, you can learn how to change to a beta or legacy branch in steam here.