Card Creator - New Update (2.9.0)

Relative paths for images and more layers

Juan Delgado - Jan 21, 2020

Hi, CardCreators!

With this update, we wanted to address the problem with the projects not being very flexible because they stored all paths as absolute, so if you moved the image or project (.cc) files to another folder, the image references were broken. Not anymore! You can read more at the bottom about this new feature.

We also doubled the max layer count (previously was 8 layers), so you are more capable of creating more complex cards without reaching limits.

In addition, we knew using the rich text input editor was a bit odd, so we improved it moving all the format buttons below of the text input. The text being edited now shows the format keywords too, so you can copy and paste values with the format easily.

The update also features several bugfixes and stability changes. Hope the program is more robust than ever !

Hope you enjoy it!

New Features

  • Add relative paths support loading image files (keyword: %PROJECT%). Read more below.
  • Increased max layer count by 8 (now is 16 layers).
  • New StartFantasia sample project.


  • Improved Rich Text fields moving the format buttons on top of the text fields.
  • Now you will see the format special characters in rich text fields (easier to copy and paste outside of the program).
  • Removed old files to reduce by 48 MB less the app size.
  • Added scroll where there are layer lists to handle longer lists.
  • Updated sample projects images to use the new relative links.
  • Removed weird card resizing animations when changing the window app size.
  • Replaced the internal system to open the windows file browser.


  • Fix text not being rendering properly (wrong size) when opening blueprint mode for second time.
  • Fix copy and paste not working in card edit view on collections
  • Fix field label input being of type rich text, now is a normal text field.
  • Fix error when removing the first card in a cart set on thumbnail mode.
  • Fix error when removing the last card in a card set (when there is only one left).
  • Fix fading effect on layer hide/show animation.
  • Updated some French translation terms.

New relative path keyword:

First of all, Card Creator will use automatically the new keyword if the image being referenced is in the same folder or in a subfolder where the .cc is saved, so, remember to save first the project before adding images if the project is new!.

Also, if you want to reference a image in a parent folder but using the new keyword anyways, you can use it if you put double points to reference the parent folder.


  • %PROJECT%..\image_in_parent_folder.png
  • %PROJECT%....\image_in_parent_folder_of_parent_folder.png

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📌 This update is released in the beta branch. Learn how to change to another branch here.