Card Creator - New Update (2.14.14) - [Beta branch]

New improvements and fixes of the last Card Creator update!

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Juan Delgado - Sep 10, 2020

✨ New Features

  • Allow to set the image filename format on export (read more below).

🔧 Improvements

  • Allow to disable temporarily the grid snapping when Ctrl key is held.
  • Improve Icon gallery scrollbar sizes.
  • Save in project the new grid settings.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fix inconsistent text size on landscape cards when exporting.
  • Fix several bugs in blueprint grid.
  • Fix toggles in export screen UI.
  • Fix icon gallery window icon history.
  • Fix input for rich text panels when selecting text with the keyboard.

Image export filename format:

Default value:

%n - %i (%s)

Avaliable parameters:

  • %s Card Side (Front/Back)
  • %p Project Name
  • %n Card number
  • %i Card ID (Main panel value, max 80 chars)

📌 If you have feedback or want to report an issue, please join to our Discord server 💬\

📌 This update is released in the beta branch. Learn how to change to another branch here.